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Description: “IT’S a great time to buy a home.” Real estate agents were saying that in 2001, as home prices were rising. They also said it when home prices peaked in 2005 — in fact, David Lereah, former chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, published a book that year titled “Are You Missing the Real Estate Boom?” And many real estate agents said it was time to buy as prices began to drop — and continued to say it over the past several years as prices fell by an average of 33 percent in America’s 20 largest cities.


Date: 03/12/2010


Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize the arguments for and against buying a house.
  • What are the key measurements that should help guide an evaluation of the best time to buy?
  • How do you think house prices will behave over the next five years in your region?

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