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 Description:  Oracle Corp. has sued Google Inc. for patent and copyright infringement, on grounds that Google’s Android OS violates Java copyrights. The suit has sent shockwaves throughout Silicon Valley. WSJ’s Don Clark explains the possible implications of the suit to Simon Constable and Jennifer Valentino-DeVries. Also: are more TV shows and movies coming to the iPad – via the cable companies?

Source: – video report
Date: 08/13/2010


Questions for discussion: 

  • What are the financial implications for other firms if Google settles on a royalty payment schedule with Oracle?
  • How will Google and Oracle be financially affected?
  • On the second item, how do you think televisions shows will be distributed in the future?
  • How much market share do you think the cable companies will be able to hold on to in comparison to those firms selling through wifi devices?

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