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Description:  NPR’s Planet Money team is making a T-shirt and following the shirt around the world as it gets manufactured — from the farms where the cotton is grown to the factories where the shirts are sewn together. NPR presents the entire series of stories about the fascinating world behind that T-shirt at . In the segment on Columbia, NPR reports that Colombia’s economy has been growing, and wages have been rising. That’s good for the country as a whole, but it may wind up driving away the T-shirt industry.


Date: Dec 06, 2013


Questions for Discussions:

  • The link above presents the story of how T-shirt manufacturing for Jockey brand is becoming uncompetitive. Summarize the reasons for the loss in competitiveness.
  • What are the options available to manufacturers in Columbia?
  • Is the Columbian experience any different than that of American clothing manufacturers?

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