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Description: It starts with results. Each December, when we choose Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year, we focus first on CEOs who are delivering the goods. Through an exhaustive screening process, we rank companies by 12- and 36-month increases in profits, revenues, and stock performance, then go deeper to include factors like return on capital. (We give more weight to the 12-month results to identify who’s on top today, but also include the 36-month figures to weed out those who may have just had a lucky year.) But it’s not only about the numbers. We lean toward CEOs with vision—those impacting the world beyond their companies. The 20 star executives that follow are doing nothing less than defining the future of business.


Date: Nov 16, 2017


Questions for discussion:

  • What are the characteristics shared by these successful managers?
  • How much does entrepreneurialism explain their success, in your opinion?

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