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Description:  Meet Jessica Mah: The 20-year-old chief executive who’s on startup No. 3. She’s the CEO of InDinero, a Website that lets small businesses automatically track their finances with no data entry required. Barely a month after finishing the Silicon Valley startup incubator program Y Combinator, she scored $1 million in seed funding. Next on her to-do list: Find more paying customers, keep the 5,000 existing ones happy enough so they’ll tell their friends, and — per the advice of her Y Combinator adviser Paul Graham — not “screw things up.”

Date: 10/04/2010


Questions for discussion: 

  • What did you learn about entrepreneurship by reading this interview with Jessica Mah?
  • Does she fit the typical profile of an entrepreneur?
  • What did you learn about starting up a business?
  • After reading this interview, do you feel more motivated to consider starting up your own business?

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