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Description: Let’s delve into the fascinating career of Mindy Weinstein, PhD, and her passion for the marketing industry from a psychology perspective. As a writer from a young age, it was during college when she discovered marketing and realized the immense power words have in driving action. This revelation led her to establish her own marketing agency, Market MindShift, and secure her position as an expert in the field. Her fascination with persuasion inspired her to explore the intersection of psychology and technology, ultimately earning her a PhD. After five years of research, Mindy encapsulated her knowledge into her insightful new book, The Power of Scarcity – Leveraging Urgency and Demand to Influence Customer Decisions. Mindy also hosts the Persuasive Woman podcast, where she investigates the ways in which psychology can help individuals excel in business and their careers. In this episode, we deconstruct how scarcity affects our brains and decision-making, and how companies can use it to successfully and ethically market their products and services (and what to do when they don’t). Enjoy the conversation…

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Date: Apr o9, 2023


Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize the highlights presented in this conversation.
  • What are the implications for business decision-makers and customers?

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