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Google’s Dan Clancy had patiently answered question after question regarding Google’s’ Book Search settlement with publishers and authors until late in the afternoon Friday, when he was finally left speechless. A young man from the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Information asked Clancy what kind of message was sent when Google decided to “copy first and answer questions later.” The question–for which there’s no safe answer, if you’re in Clancy’s shoes–perhaps underscored the core of the opposition to the settlement, reached in October, after Google was sued in 2005for scanning out-of-print works without explicit permission.

Source: CNET

Date: 8/29/2009

Keys: Law, ethics, management, marketing


Questions for discussion:

  • Do you have any concerns for the way in which Google handled the copyright issue?
  • What were the ramifications for Google if it had sought all legal permissions from the start? Do you think this decision has given Google unfair advantage over competitors? Explain your thinking.
  • How can Google commercialize this content in the future?

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